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Tell us the pain points you are dealing with as you run your business. We have a solution to help!

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Making Notes
Making Notes


A bookkeeper is an accounting professional primarily responsible for maintaining a detailed record of purchases, sales, and other financial transactions. The kind of transactions accounted for and how they are recorded can vary significantly depending on the preferences and practices of different businesses.


- Income & expense tracking
- Classifying all transactions
- Monthly account reconciliations
- Monthly/quarterly financial reporting
- Accounts payable
- Accounts receivable
- Payroll
- Book clean-up ($75/hour)
- Job/Class Tracking
- Software Set Up & Training


We also have several resources & partnerships available to help you with your taxes & human resource needs. If your business has a need not listed here, let us know; if we can't help for some reason, we will try to help you find someone that can!

Even if you're not yet at a point where you can outsource your bookkeeping needs, I can still help save you some money! Through my partnership with Complete Business Group, I can get you the best rates on Quickbooks products. You can purchase directly through this link with no "catch" & no contact from me unless you want it!

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